Gambling act 2005 variation of premises licence jila river casino

Only one licence can be held. See making representations for more information. If there is a problem with the application, we may contact you for further information or return the application or part of it for your attention.

Notice to responsible authorities of an application for reinstatement of a premises licence - Individual Applicants [PDF] file size Notifying responsible authorities You must give black tie casino of your application to each of the responsible authorities with in seven days, starting on the date on which the application was made. Adding, amending or removing an authorized activity Amending another detail of the licence, for example the plan of the premises Excluding a default condition attached to the licence Adding, amending or removing a condition attached to the licence by the licensing authority Make an application Apply for the variation of a premises licence by printing and completing the Print and complete the form Download, print and complete an application form Keep a copy of the completed form for your own records You must give notice of your application to each of the responsible authorities. How to reinstate your premises licence if it has lapsed. Transfer of a premises licence How to transfer an existing premises licence from one licence holder to another. As well as the main activity, a premises licence may also allow the use of certain categories of gaming machines. We will check that:

GAMBLING ACT – PREMISES LICENCE. GRANT / VARIATION / TRANSFER / REINSTATEMENT. APPLICATION GUIDANCE NOTES. 1. What is a. Premises Licences. The Gambling Act is now in force. This area of licensing is the responsibility of Aberdeen Licensing Board. Operating and Personal. Application to vary a premises licence under the Gambling Act [Use the names given in the applicant's operating licence or, if the applicant does not hold.

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